The STARS program is a volunteer program in which active adult citizens give of their time, knowledge, and life experiences*. The STARS volunteers, working hand in hand with the Sheriff's Department, will be able to provide a variety of new services and enhance current programs for the betterment of the community.

• To organize citizens in a volunteer program to benefit the community.
• Use volunteers to promote  better community safety.
• Become "eyes and ears" for law enforcement.
• Promote the STARS motto: "As volunteers we can make a difference by improving the community welfare and safety."

STARS Volunteers Must:

• Be at least 22 years of age.
• Be able to commit up to 10 hours of volunteer time each month.
• Pass a limited background investigation.
• Have a desire to make this a better community in which to live.

Benefits of the STARS Program include:

• Community programs that otherwise would not exist
• Enhancement of existing programs
• Safety at schools
• County resources being used to their fullest
• Assistance to seniors
• A community feeling of safety and togetherness
• Make use of valuable community resources

*The Sheriff's Department now accepts volunteers from any age group from 22 years and older.

For More Information Call 209-567-4477


Working in conjunction with the Stanislaus County Office of Volunteer Services, potential volunteers are provided with job descriptions for the STARS program. Those who show a further interest are given an application package which contains application, confidentially, release, and waiver forms. The applicant then meets with the Sheriff's Department Crime Prevention Coordinator who explains the program in more detail and qualifies the applicant through a background investigation.



Volunteers will receive approximately 40 hours of STARS academy training, with emphasis on volunteers being the "eyes and ears" for the Sheriff's Department. Through their training the STARS volunteers will become good will ambassadors, giving the community a better understanding of law enforcement. Once the volunteers have completed the STARS academy, training does not stop. Each month there will be about two hours training on specialized subjects, and possibly updates on previous classes.

Volunteers will be trained in the following areas:

• Patrol Procedures
• Elderly Abuse & Fraud
• Laws of Arrest
• Ride-along
• Radio Use and Protocol
• Child Abuse
• Crimes and Their Elements
• Gangs and Drugs
• Domestic Violence
• Traffic Control
• Jail Tours
• Courts


Sheriff's Department

STARS volunteers will assist the following units throughout the Sheriff's Department: Records Bureau, Courts, and PSC Visitors Registration.  STARS volunteers serve D.A. subpoenas, and School Attendance Review Board (SARB) subpoenas.

Crime Fairs / County Fair

STARS volunteers will appear at the County Fair and Crime Fairs throughout the county handing out Crime Prevention Information, Identity Theft information, and at times general security (Visibility being a deterrent.)

Neighborhood Watch Program

STARS volunteers will assist with the Neighborhood Watch Program by helping neighbors. Volunteers will explain the need for knowing the neighborhoods routine, what to do if a suspicious person or vehicle is seen, how to organize and continue the Neighborhood Watch Program, and how other programs like "Operation I.D. Owner Applied Number" function.