Investigations Direct Phone Number: (209) 525-7074

The primary function of Investigations is to provide follow-up investigation to those cases that have been reported to Patrol Services and which warrant further investigation beyond that which is provided by patrol personnel. Investigations is also responsible for the service of search warrants, arrest warrants and the investigation of missing persons who are at-risk.

Investigations consists of separate units which specialize in investigating specific types of crimes:

If you have additional information about a crime that has already been reported to the Sheriffs Department you should contact the appropriate detective unit and be prepared to provide your name, the victim’s name, the original crime report number if you know it, and the additional information you wish to provide.

If you are a victim of a crime and have not had a report made, call 911 or (209) 552-2468 or file a report online.

If you are not wanting to make a report but wish to give information on a current active case and want to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers @